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Azterik Media has a wide range of tools and experienced team members to help you achieve your goals, whether you're expanding on an existing website, or just starting out.

Building an Online Community

We have over 4 years of knowledge and experience building social networking software. Our team has built online communities, large and small, with advanced features that are secure, scalable and search engine optimized. We intended for our software to be flexible and receptive for any budget, and allow for a solid platform of unlimited growth. We offer multiple packages with select features and the ability to add, or customize to any existing features.

  • User Registration, Menu and Profiles
  • Blogs and Journals
  • Photos and Videos
  • Full Administrative Control
  • Facebook and Twitter Connect
  • Social Mobile and Text Messaging Updates
  • Group Creation, Dashboard, and Profiles
  • Marketplace
  • Discussion Forums
  • Real Time Updates
  • Internal email and Instant Messenger
  • Video Conferencing
  • Invite and Contact Retrieval
  • Advertisement Module
  • Press Release Section
  • Events
  • Tags and Ratings
  • And much more....
Azterik Media's social networking software is
A complete solution
Loaded with advanced features.