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Corporate Social Networking Software

For almost all companies, corporate social networking software can have a tremendous impact on production. Regardless if your business is just starting out or you are an already established corporation, there is proven benefit to having a secure private business network. Some benefits include internal communications, project sharing, information management and collaborative marketing.

We, at Azterik Media, strive to learn and familiarize ourselves with the dynamics of the corporate environment. With this knowledge, we are able to apply it to our corporate social networking software. In the end we have a product which will increase any corporations bottom line.

  • Secure Internal Network
  • Tiered Profile system (employee, management etc.)
  • Internal Job Boards
  • Employee FAQ/Help Desk
  • Time Swap Board
  • Blogs and Media
  • Company Events
  • Think Tank Employee Collaboration Area
  • Training Boards
  • Document Vault
  • Company News and Announcements
  • Internal Marketing Focus/Feedback Groups
  • Video Conferencing
  • And much more....
Azterik Media's social networking software is
A complete solution
Loaded with advanced features.